Our Amazing Bodies! (See How to works White cell..!)

Here the video is showing a real White Blood Cell (in this case a ‘Neutrophil’ or ‘Phagocyte’) chase down and gulp a foreign Bacteria, that would probably cause food poisoning or a nasty tummy bug if left to multiply.

On average the human body has 26.5 Billion white blood cells, they work 365/24/7 seeking out yummy treats (Bacteria etc), this is their primary job within our immune system. sometimes though the bacteria can become too numerous, like if you have eaten chicken that’s not cooked properly. If this is the case they will cause the human body many problems… You probably know what I mean if you have ever had an infection of some sort… Not very nice!

A cell in the bone marrow (hematopoietic stem cell) then gets to work to make significantly more White Blood Cells to fight the large amount of bacteria in your body. Keeping a healthy diet and eating well will ensure you don’t get too many nasty tummy bugs!

The video is sped up, as in real time this whole chase is much slower in comparison (Can’t remember the exact speed).
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Author: Malvaniya Prashant

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