Dahej to Gogha 300km no way its 30km Soon BY Ro-Ro Ferry Service – foundation stone laid by CM at Gogha

Chief minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for constructing the Ro-Ro terminal at Gogha, 20 km from Bhavnagar today, January 25. Development of Ro-Ro ferry service terminals at Ghogha in Bhavnagar and at Dahej in Bharuch, will help in drastically changing the passenger and vehicular traffic in the region, says CM.

The purpose of the project is to facilitate the establishment of a vehicular and passenger ferry service across the the Gulf of Khambhat, Due to its peculiar geographical configuration, the Gulf of Khambhat has advantage for the operation of Ro-Ro ferry service. “We plan to run ferries that can carry maximum number of passengers and vehicles on this route once the terminals are ready. Initially, we will be running 2-3 ferry vessels and looking at its utility, the number would be increased,” said Shri Pankajkumar of GMB. The circuitous road distance around the Gulf of Cambay between the Gogha and Dahej is 360 km. However, the distance will reduce to just 31 km using the sea route.

The construction of terminals at Ghogha and Dahej will be completed in 15 months.The project cost of the ferry service is estimated to be Rs 296 crore and commenced in 2013. According to officials, the project will include construction of berthing jetty, structure for pontoon, access bund, access trestle, link-span bridge, dredging, land reclamation, parking, provision of passenger amenities and terminal connectivity, among others.

Ro-Ro ferries are special vessels on to which vehicles can drive and be accommodated for the sea journey on special vehicle decks. The maximum capacity ferry vehicle is expected to have capacity to accommodate more than 100 vehicles including trucks, buses, cars, etc and more than 1,000 passengers in each of its trips.

The state government is also planning to construct approximately 6.5 km four-lane rigid pavement connecting Ghogha ferry terminal from the state highway.

“Gujarat government, through its visionary policies and proactive measures, has ensured that these natural advantages are not wasted. Government has led Gujarat to become number one maritime state in the country,” CM Narendra Modi said.

The Revolutionary Project of Gogha Dahej Ro-Ro Ferry Service at a glance:

* Facilitates safe and speedy movement of vehicles with cargo/passengers in the Gulf of Kambhat between Gogha and Dahej

* Reduces the journey distance from 360 km by road to 31 km by sea route

* Approved budget of Rs.296 crores

* Results in saving of fuel and contributes towards a pollution free, cleaner and greener Gujarat.

Author: Malvaniya Prashant

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14 thoughts on “Dahej to Gogha 300km no way its 30km Soon BY Ro-Ro Ferry Service – foundation stone laid by CM at Gogha”

    1. There is no any recent updates about this project. Even maritime board also not release any updates about this.

      If you want any status / report about its progress, you can communicate related body or authorities.

  1. Gujarati people are well coming the RO-RO service for trafic. Gujarati people is getting something but with that the people of the saurastra region is loosing some thing.It was planned to run water supply pipe line on side of bridge from the biggest Sardar Sarovar dam.This water can reach with a short distance to Saurastra. Now a days Saurastra region has big shortage of drinking water and agriculture water.This problem can be solve only short route pipe line without any losses of water which losses are occur in open canal.The overflowing Dam water might reach by this pipe line thus surplus water can be used in ever drought area.

  2. it was read in news paper that the bridge will constructed between ghogha and dahej village.The length of bridge 31 km.this bridge is shorten the dist to Bombay 350 km.it was also propose to run the water pipe at side of bridge from biggest dam narmada to Saurastra region of gujarat state.The water supply was a very very useful scheme fom saurastra.this scheme might be change the economy of saurastra.But how ever this scheme was drop withot giving any reason. Insted of bbrigge .the ro-ro service will start for traffic.Recentely China has open the 30 mile long bridge in sea,against that ghogha dahej bridge is 30km. Govt has thinnk for bridge.

    1. Dear Ankit, It’s a transportation service to carry Wheeled Cargo (means vehicles) from One Fixed Sea Point to another Fixed Sea Point.
      That’s processed call Roll-On / Roll-Off your vehicle like Car, Truck, Semi-Trucks, Trailer etc. in the vessel (cargo ship). Then after reach at another location you can drive your vehicle and reach to your destination point.

      It’s called as Roll-On and Roll-Off Ferry or RO-RO Service. This service to cut your Travelling Time-Cost.
      For more information go through : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roll-on/roll-off

      Thanks for showing interest…!

    1. No Dear this is not a “Sea-Bridge” Project. This is Ro-Ro Ferry project. In that projects both side Ghogha Sea-Beach and Dahej Sea-Beach side “Jetty” will be build. For ref of Jetty see on Dahej Sea side Birla Copper Plant Jetty. Traveler Can go through that Jetty by Walk, Personal Vehicle or Private Vehicle and at other sea side jetty, there will be a Big Ship. By that we can travel and also it can get space for Private Vehicle also.

      Same thing is happen at other side of the Sea-Beach. And we can travel by that way. It’s work like a Ro-Ro link in single track.
      Approx Sea distance Ghogha to Dahej is 30km.

      for more detail and ref. visit DeshGujarat or on Google

      Hope you’re happy with this details.

      Thank you.

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