Census figures says : Well Done Gujarat for Best perform to increase Girl Child Ratio.

Census India release a report of 2001-2011 Census Report in month of February 2012. Where Gujarat perform statistically good as compare to previous Census. The status of the girl child ration per 1000 in Gujarat was better in 1961; one year after the state was created, than it is today, 50 years later. 

Census figures show that in 1961, there were 956 girls in Gujarat for every 1,000 boys in the zero to six age group. Today, the scenario has changed – the 2011 census put the ratio at 886 per 1,000 boys. In the last five decades the girl child ratio has dipped by 70. 

According to 2011 census figures, 6.03 crore people live in Gujarat. Out of these, 3.14 crore are males while 2.89 crore are females. This antipathy towards girl child is amply reflected in the overall sex ratio too, where the number of women in Gujarat is less by 25 lakh when compared to their male counterparts. In 1961 overall male and female ratio stood at 940 per 1000. Today the same stands at 918 per 1000. 

This steady drop in the number of females in Gujarati society has today put the state at the 24th spot among the 35 states of the country. In the zero to six age group Gujarat’s position is worse, 27th. 

This imbalance between male and female population in Gujarat has sociologists worried. Leela Visaria, a demographer at Gujarat Institute of Development Research says, “In 1960, abortion and sonography machines did not exist. Even then, the society’s attitude was very much the same which resulted in infanticide. Today, most couples do not wish to have more than two children, and often stop after having a son. This disparity in sex ratio created by people’s selective behaviour is compounded by high mortality rate of the girl child. In the age group of one to four, the fatality rate among girl child is much higher than boys.” 

In 2004 Visaria had predicted that India’s population would grow to 1,204 million. Her prediction was uncannily accurate. Visaria’s forecast was better than other agencies like the national commission on population, the UN and the US Census Bureau. 

Sociologist Gaurang Jani says, “Lack of stringent norms against doctors caught running sex determination rackets has worsened the problem. Since last 20 years we have been striving to save the girl child. This social imbalance will have wide reaching consequences. Prostitution may be one of the fall-outs. Inter-community marriages will become the need of the hour. It might soon happen that this disbalance triggers other social evils.”

Data Source: TOI

Author: Malvaniya Prashant

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