Social Media Trend Goes Ups [google+ (plus) and Downs (facebook).!

Recently I found one article into the Linked in homepage. It’s about little analysis of two giant Social media pages. <b>Facebook</b> vs <b>Google Plus</b>. It’s shows Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg goes down as Social Media and Business Marketing comparative to Google Inc’s last year launched Google Plus [+1].


It shows and other Online Marketing Companies also analyse that Facebook makes new updates and changes day-be-day. It’s good and different. But at the level of Google Plus, it’s down in the market. We can say to generate business for other Business Marketer who do promotion on Facebook or in the Stock market.

Google’s Google+ or can say +1 is most effective for Business Marketing Online. Bcz, every Post give direct engagement with Company Website, Google as well as other Search engine. People can search easily and get better product information and can share their need on Google Plus.

facebook-changes-algorithmNow a days Social media, Online Business, SEO and Promotion… effect variously our routine lifestyle like Fashion. Bye Online without wresting time to check product physically or bargain prices.

Are you looks/feel like fashion?
Is this Era Goes Down of Mark Zuckerberg…?

Stumbled >> MySpace >> Facebook >> Twitter >> Pinterest >> Google+ ^

Source: Business Insider

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