How does Flipkart deal with address issues?

When an order is placed at Flipkart the following info about the customer is collected: Delivery Address; Contact No and Email id. And it is quite possible that few people might be interested to play a prank on their friend or just try it out for fun and provide wrong info, which usually is the Delivery address or Contact number (As Email is of little importance when fulfilling an order).

Postpaid Order:
Whenever a Postpaid order is placed a set of checks happen based on a prioritised set of rules. For example: Checks whether the customer is a First time customer at Flipkart Or If the product ordered belongs to a High-Value category Or It differs from his usual historical category of products Or The customer is a Blacklisted customer (a history of malpractices like Reselling, too many returns, Fake addresses etc) Or The Address string provided is trivial (like set of random characters ‘asadasdasdaas’ etc) Or The Contact number string doesn’t look fine etc.

All the orders that fail in the above checks are pushed to a Cash-on-Delivery Verification system which makes automated IVR calls to the Contact number provided and approve/disapprove the orders. Still if any orders are left out without response after IVR, they are dialled manually and verified.

So this eliminates a major chunk of the fake/unwanted/not interested/mistakenly placed orders. Still if any are orders are left (mostly No proper address cases), they might be processed and shipped to the nearest Delivery hub where the Field Executive calls-up the Contact number (It works coz the order was earlier verified) to know the exact address.

And here the customer can reject it or accept it, depends on him.

Well, the customer is paying the money! So I hope the customer entered wrong address by mistake. In this case a subset of the earlier checks might happen depending on the history of the customer and mostly the order will be processed and shipped to nearest hub. And Field Executive tries to reach customer and if he fails, the product is sent back to Warehouse.

Courtesy: Madhu Sankeerth Dammati, Business Analyst @